Asuminen palveluna – rakennuttajat ja teknologiayritykset pyöreän pöydän ääressä

Asuminen palveluna – rakennuttajat ja teknologiakehittäjät pyöreän pöydän ääressä Ensimmäinen Nordic Smart Building Convention käynnistyi 14.6. Fiksu Kalasatama Living Labin naapurissa Kattilahallissa. Fiksu Kalasatama keskusteli rakennuttajien ja teknologiayritysten kanssa pyöreän pöydän ääressä siitä, mitä Living as a Service oikeastaan on. Asuminen palveluna voi kattaa useita osa-alueita: rakennusautomaation, liikkumisen palvelut, ruoanjakelun,>>>

The journey by electric car #1

Picture: CC BY 2.0 Håkan Dahlström Writer: Natalia Reen This week I decided to rent an electric car in order to check the real situation with the infrastructure for electric car charging and parking. There are some first experience that should help us to develop better services in the EU-funded bIOTope project:>>>

The journey by electric car #3 – lessons learnt from Estonia

Picture: CC BY 2.0 Håkan Dahlström Writer: Natalia Reen When I tried to use PlugShare once again I suddenly realized how different Finnish infrastructure looks from, for example, Estonian. See picture on the right. Why Estonia is so advanced? ”Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has concluded an agreement with the Estonian Government to>>>

The journey by electric car #4

Writer: Natalia Reen It would be fair to say couple of words about the car and the car services. I like the car a lot – it was the fastest accelerating car I have driven (I have not tried Tesla :-)), it behaves very good and it is reliable on>>>

The journey by electric car #2

Writer: Natalia Reen On the second day I visited Messukeskus and at the same time tried to charge my car there. It was not absolutely necessary to charge but I was interested how charging services are provided by such a big event organizer on their parking slots. No need to>>>