Project portfolio

The new Kalasatama area of Helsinki is a place to experiment smart urban living and services. It is growing into the smart city district of Helsinki, co-created with residents, companies, city officials and other stakeholders.

This map shows the smart services and future solutions that can already be found in the area.

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1. New Forms of Housing
Floating apartments bring colour to cityscape. Complemented by joint building
ventures allowing customized houses.

2. Health and Wellbeing Centre
Digital health services and new practices are already being piloted to be part of the centre’s future offering.

3. Tower Blocks
Eight tower blocks, bustling metro and massive shopping centre will form REDI. Living Lab showroom in Suvilahti currently simulates future tower house living

4. Shared Electric New Forms of Vehicles
No need to keep your own car – residents of this house can use shared electric cars from their garage. Cheap, green and easy!

5. Co-Created Senior House
Planned and co-created by active seniors living in the house, this building
offers 500m2 of shared spaces.

6. Future School
During daytime a hub for new ways of teaching and learning supported by latest learning technologies. In the evening a meeting place for residents.

7. HIMA Smart Metering
Hima Smart metering and home remote control service allows residents to connect and operate their appliances with mobile devices.

8. Waste Collection System
Sucked by a vacuum into underground pipelines, trashes whizz into the local waste management facility at a speed of up to 70 kilometres per hour.

9. Smart Lightning, Edible Park
Outdoor route with smart lighting takes you to the open garden with mushrooms, berries and fruits. Come and collect your own!

10. Carbon-Neutral Smart Zoo
Helsinki Zoo aims to be smart and carbon-neutral. Kalasatama’s school plans to use Korkeasaari as its experimentation platform.

11. DIAK Kalasatama
Modern campus serving 1,500 students and 140 employees. The new facilities have been inspired values like openness, user-driven innovation, internationality and communality.

12. Abattoir, Pop-up Factory
Lively venue of events, new business and food culture. Place for students to learn entrepreneurial skills and test their ideas in real-life context together with local businesses.

13. Suvilahti
This old power plant produces culture nowadays. The area also hosts TelecityGroup’s data centre using seawater for cooling and providing heating for houses in Helsinki.

14. Solar Park, Electricity Energy Storage
Customers crowdfunded the panels and enjoy from solar power produced by their designated panel. The megawatt-scale energy storage balances the electricity supply.

15. Fisuverkko
This resident portal saves each apartment’s construction and renovation documents. It also shares news on what’s happening in Kalasatama.

16. Surf Park
Finnish technology innovation creating waves in natural waters. Brings art, city life, design and surfing into one urban set-up.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart Grid
The smart energy grid supports electric vehicle use, new energy storage facilities, and energy efficient building automation as well as local energy production.

Smart Space Share
The smart space share pilot aims to provide all available room to be utilized by the citizens for work, play and leisure, just as Airbnb does.

Internet of Things & MyData
As part of the EU-supported bIoTope project, Kalasatama is also a place to run various Internet of Things trials and pilots. Combined with personal data they enable personalized services and customized solutions.

Agile Piloting
Smart Kalasatama’s Programme for Agile Piloting is buying small pilots that provide new innovative services for residents and can be tested in real life setting. The first four pilots  are running, and in the next round, we look services for health and wellbeing.

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