Smart Kalasatama – Smart city district of Helsinki


Smart Kalasatama, a brownfield district in Helsinki is a vivid Smart City experimental innovation platform to co-create smart&clean urban infrastructure and services. Smart Kalasatama is developed flexibly and through piloting, in close co-operation with 200 + stakeholders including residents, companies, city officials and researchers. Kalasatama district will offer a home for approximately 25,000 residents and jobs for 10,000 people by 2035. Currently, there are 3,000 people living in the area. The vision of Kalasatama is that smart services save one hour of citizen’s time every day.


The carbon-neutral future of energy services is being built in Kalasatama. In this model, smart-grid area, the user of electricity can also be its producer. First estates are already connected to smart grid, and all the rest of the are to be built will benefit of the grid enabling real time smart metering, electric vehicles network and new storage solutions for electricity. A solar power plant already exists in the hood and the whole district is connected to the district heating and cooling grid.

Smart Kalasatama program is running an ambitious innovation platform, where more than 25 innovative infrastructures and building projects are on-going. In addition to that, Smart Kalasatama is hosting innovative agile experimentation projects, where mainly start-ups co-develop their new smart solution prototypes with the residents in the district. For instance, several projects related to smart waste management, smart minigrids and mobility as a service (MaaS) are experimented.

During spring 2017, Kalasatama has a set of climate positive pilots are tested in relation to resource efficiency and energy behaviour. Five individual pilots experiment on the areas of green solutions, electric cars, parking, local solar power production and reducing consumer’s carbon footprint using real-time calculator within households.

Smart Kalasatama drives innovation

    • Experimenting smart services in real life with residents
    • Bringing together big and small companies, entrepreneurs, research, public sector, and people
    • Initiating new projects and business development
    • Running agile piloting programme for start-ups


“We know we’re doing things a little differently in Kalasatama – and the city is fully committed to making sure that it turns out great.” – Hannu Asikainen, Kalasatama Project Director, City of Helsinki

“It’s not every day one sees a fully-functional smart city, given crumbling urban infrastructure in many countries, so a visit to a metropolitan area that runs well and serves its residents efficiently is a delightful sight for sore eyes.” – Huffington Post


Helsinki Smart City

Propelled by open data, design, connected cities, and exciting start-ups, Helsinki has shined in international benchmarks.

#1 European Real-Time Cities, Frost & Sullivan 2015
Helsinki was praised by data-based services, open source
utilization and collaboration.

#3 Global City, CITIE report 2015
This global city research evaluating city initiatives for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, ranked Helsinki right after New York and London.

SLUSH Start-up Festival
One of the Europe’s leading meet-ups for start-ups, tech talents and investors. Growing year by year, the festival attracts thousands of visitors, start-ups, investors and demo stands in Helsinki.


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