The next steps in Smart Kalasatama district

  What shall be the next steps in Smart Kalasatama district to make it even smarter and more sustainable? Read a report of what 40 European sustainability and smart city experts and Smart Kalasatama developers propose. The report summarizes the outcomes of a workshop organized together with EIT Climate KIC and Smart Kalasatama team. Kalasatama is part of EIT Climate-KIC Smart and sustainable districts network. Helsinki District Challenge – SSD report

Towards closer co-operation between Nordic Sustainable City Labs

On the 27 January 2017, Smart Kalasatama participated the pitching session of the Nordic Ideation Day. The event brought altogether 22 project ideas competing for Nordic Climate-KIC funding for their innovative ideas. For Smart Kalasatama and its partner network the day was a success, leading into grant of 15.000€ for the Nordic Network of Sustainable City Labs. The grant is used for preparing demonstrator proposal. The new project seeks to laying   foundations for public-private partnership on a cross-Nordic level for cutting-edge climate and urban innovations. The objective is to identify and apply new and viable business models for sustainable>>>

Smart city sustainability targets for Kalasatama

As part of the Climate-KIC’s Pioneers into Practice programme, Réka Tóth worked one month at Forum Virium Helsinki as part of the Smart Kalasatama team. Her assignment was to analyse existing smart city indexes and create smart city sustainability targets for Sompasaari area in Kalasatama.

Modern village thoroughfare

A growing number of city innovations spring from the motivation of the residents themselves and challenges that the city-dwellers first face and then solve on their own. Local knowledge is a key factor in the birth of new ideas. People in the same area experience the same conditions, and organising joint activities to mesh with daily life is easier when everyone lives close by. Fiksu Kalasatama in the Finnish capital Helsinki is a blueprint for a smart city that generates innovations with the potential to spread elsewhere as well. Residents also create innovations, such as the active seniors who had>>>

Sustainability pioneer from Budapest

Réka Tóth, 28, sits in ASCHAN café Helsinki, and fills our booth with laughter. “Most people went to Valencia! But to me this project sounded so appealing that I was not concerned about the weather,” she smirks. Réka is in Helsinki as part of the Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice programme. She has travelled all the way from Hungary to spend a month analysing smart city indexes and sustainability issues in Kalasatama, especially the new Sompasaari area.