Visioning Smart Kalasatama


Veera Mustonen, Head of Smart Kalasatama Programme, would like to see the following five ideas from residents become reality in Kalasatama by 2020.

Restaurant Day every day
People looking for new acquaintances could invite people to dine with them.

Shared (electric) vehicles
Pick up an electric car, e-bike or electrically assisted walker or a normal bike from the metro station. After you’ve parked it, it’s free for the next user.

A solar panel cooperative
Residents can buy shares in the production capacity of solar panels. The panels on rooftops or balconies are easy to connect to the intelligent grid. Residents can either use the electricity themselves or sell it to their neighbours.

Flexible space service
Companies and residents can advertise any space for rent, from the common room of their housing company to their own living room, the school sports hall or a car repair workshop. Free spaces can be easily rented by the hour, day or month, for example as a home office.

Boat share and ride
Many leisure boats stand parked at the harbour for most of the summer. When these boats are shared and used for group island trips or fishing excursions, maintenance costs can be divided and more people get to enjoy maritime Helsinki.

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