Agile Piloting Jam at Open Living Lab Days

Smart Kalasatama will host a hands-on-session on agile piloting and experimentation in Urban Labs during the Open Living Lab Days in Geneva 22-24.8.2018 organized by Enoll. The aim of the session is to provide concrete tools and understanding on how to tailor the method to the needs of different living labs.

The Agile Piloting Jam builds on recently published Smart Kalasatamas Cookbook for Agile Piloting, that delivers the best recipes and ingredients for experimentation in urban environment. After the Jam, the participants are familiar with the process of designing their own Agile Piloting Programme.

During the session  the participants can mix and match the elements of a Piloting Programme to achieve their own goals. Smart Kalasatama Living Lab team accelerates the jam and helps to identify the network and resources that you need to carry out the piloting round. Examples of how Agile Piloting can accelerate the sustainable development of a neighborhood and showcase the potential of new resilient solutions are shared during the session.

The Smart Kalasatama Programme for Agile Piloting drives Smart City innovation by procuring prototypes to real city environments to be co-created with citizens. During the programme, startups co-develop their prototypes of smart solutions with the stakeholders and residents of the district. The programme procures small pilots for experimentation to tackle urban challenges. Solutions are tested in real life settings during a period up to 6 months. The aim is to accelerate new concepts into service prototypes and new business, and to learn from practice.

During 2015-2018 the Smart Kalasatama Agile Piloting Programme has facilitated 21 agile pilots in real life environment. Programme for Agile Piloting has proven to be a way to support and facilitate smart city development and engage a wider stakeholder network to co-create new services. Currently, 5 new pilots are running in Kalasatama Wellbeing piloting programme in Helsinki Social and Health Care sector.

Your hosts for the session

Kaisa Spilling, MSc. (Econ., IDBM) works as development manager at Forum Virium Helsinki. She is accelerating digital innovation and design thinking in urban planning, mobility and wellbeing. She is responsible for developing urban lab offering in Forum Virium Helsinki. Her role is to initiate ​innovation and co-creation​ activities to the processes of the city. Her expertise lies in open innovation, customer experience and business design.

Read Kaisa’s blog post on how agile pilots engage wider networks and create value for stakeholders on Design Forum’s blog.

Maija Bergström, M.Soc.Sc, works as community manager at Forum Virium Helsinki. Maija is responsible for Smart Kalasatama Urban lab space, stakeholder collaboration and co-operation with residents. She coordinates the living lab activities and develops methods and tools for co-creation. Her facilitation skills help the agile piloting teams to filter the customer feedback as insights to the future services.

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