Smart solutions

silta_webThe core idea of the smart city at Kalasatama is easy everyday life. Projects are user centric, encourage resident participation and focus on service design.

The vision for Smart Kalasatama is to become so resource-wise that residents gain an extra hour of free time every single day.

Kalasatama is a living lab, a practical test and development laboratory for innovative services.

The project portfolio comprises a group of ventures and projects implemented by the city, companies, organisations and other stakeholders.

Smart and sustainable

Sustainable development, energy efficiency and waste re-use are the cornerstones of Kalasatama’s development. The intelligent energy systems project by Helen, ABB and Fingrid works on Kalasatama´s smart grid and its co-products, such as an electric car network and energy storage.

The new vacuum-based waste removal system, Imu, is already operational. Kalasatama – just like the rest of Helsinki – is investing heavily in opening up public data and making the most of it. The aim is to utilise the data in city services, for example to provide information about local air quality or car-sharing options nearby.

Engaging with the whole urban community

District-wide co-operation is encouraged by organising events for residents and establishing collaboration networks. The Kalasatama Innovators’ Club unites small and large companies, city officials and resident innovators to make the district even smarter together.

The Smart Kalasatama Programme for Agile Piloting accelerates Smart City innovation by procuring prototypes to real city environments to be co-created with citizens.

As part of the Six City Strategy, Smart Kalasatama also co-operates with other Finnish test-beds to create a nation-wide network of innovation platforms (Citybusiness). To boost Finland’s competitiveness, the six cities offer testing environments for companies, academia and other actors to run their research, product development and innovation in real-life settings.


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