Want to visit Smart Kalasatama?

Forum Virium Helsinki and Helsinki Marketing have trained guides specialising in the areas of Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari to showcase the architecture and smart solutions of these two rapidly developing city districts. The guides have undergone a training course organised in collaboration between Forum Virium Helsinki and Helsinki Marketing, as part of which they have familiarised themselves with the districts’ smart city development. Read more.

Speaker enquirys and interviews

If you’re interested in enquiring a speaker to your event or an interviews, please email us at info(at)

Twitter: @fiksukalasatama #smartkalasatama
Instagram: @fiksukalasatama #fiksukalasatama

Kalasatama Urban Lab

Kalasatama Urban Lab, located in REDI shopping center, acts as a meeting place for companies, residents and the City of Helsinki. Events organised there have the aim of developing smart and carbon neutral Helsinki. Read more.

Address: Kalasatama Urban Lab, REDI, Sköne building, 3rd floor (address: Hermannin rantatie 5)

Arrival instructions to Kalasatama Urban Lab 

Smart Kalasatama Team

Kerkko Vanhanen, Programme Director

tel. +358 40 596 8296

Kerkko is the Program Director for Smart Kalasatama project and is responsible for the funding and resources for projects under the Kalasatama umbrella. His education is in the transport sector (M.Sc.) and he has worked especially with public transport and digital passenger information. He has also studied urban planning and logistics. Smart city development, improving energy efficiency and ease of movement, and increasing the attractiveness of the Helsinki region are important for Kerkko.


Maija Bergström, Community Manager

tel. +358 40 766 1415

Maija nurtures Smart Kalasatama’s co-operation with its residents, coordinates the living lab activities and develops methods and tools for co-creation. Her background is in social pscyhology and previously she worked in design and cultural organisations in Helsinki and London and on educational field. Her master’s thesis focused on shared representations of a developing place.




Kaisa Spilling, Development Manager

tel. +358 40 744 8831

Kaisa runs Smart Kalasatama’s Programme for Agile Piloting which provides new innovative services for people living in the Kalasatama area. Kaisa is an expert on tools for co-creation and knows how to deliver results with challenge competitions. Kaisa is inspired by design and making cites smarter. Her versatile competence lies especially in digital services, business models as well as marketing communications.


Juha Jäppinen, Communications Specialist

tel. +358 40 635 2600

Juha’s area of responsibilities cover the communications of Smart Kalasatama, including the content production for the website and social media channels. Juha has a master’s degree in communications and a wide background in communications as a journalist and a communications specialist. From the city development point of view Juha is interested in developing Helsinki into a carbon neutral city.

Smart Kalasatama project

During 2015-2017, Smart Kalasatama was funded as part of the 6Aika – Six City Strategy. It is a 6Aika open innovation platforms spearhead project of the City of Helsinki. From 2018 to 2020 Smart Kalasatama is funded by the innovation fund of the City of Helsinki.

Smart Kalasatama is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki, an innovation unit within the Helsinki City Group.

Steering group

Mikko Aho
City of Helsinki, chair

Kerkko Vanhanen
Forum Virium Helsinki

Hannu Asikainen
City of Helsinki Executive Office

Tuomas Hakala
City of Helsinki City Planning Department

Marjo Kyllönen
City of Helsinki

Miia Pasuri
City of Helsinki

Mika Malin
Forum Virium Helsinki

Markku Raitio
City of Helsinki Executive Office

Päivi Kippo-Edlund
City of Helsinki Environment Centre

Santtu Von Bruun
City of Helsinki Executive Office

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