Programme for Agile piloting

Jussi Hellsten/Visit Helsinki

Jussi Hellsten/Visit Helsinki

The Smart Kalasatama Programme for Agile Piloting accelerates Smart City innovation by procuring prototypes to real city environments to be co-created with citizens.

Between 2016–2017, Smart Kalasatama is buying 15–20 small pilots (1000–8000 euros) which bring innovative services to the use of citizens. Solutions have been developed and tested with the residents of Kalasatama area in Helsinki.

The programme procures fast (up to 6 months) experimentation to tackle real city challenges. Solutions are tested in real life setting.  The aim is to accelerate new concepts into service prototypes and new business, and to learn by practice.

By now the programme has launched three calls under three themes, and received over 130 offers. The programme has engaged over 500 citizens, 10 city departments and 30 companies in co-creation activities.

During spring 2017, Kalasatama will have a set of Smart&Clean pilots related to resource efficiency and energy behaviour. The round for pilots is ran in collaboration with the Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation. For this spring we have chosen 5 individual pilots, which are experimenting on the areas of green solutions, electric cars, parking, solar power and reducing carbon footprint within households. The experiments are launched soon as possible during spring time in Helsinki Kalasatama region.

Kalasatama is undergoing a transformation to become the smartest district in Helsinki. The Programme for Agile Piloting helps to accelerate new concepts into service innovations and new business.

The first round of pilots, running during spring 2016, were related to smart mobility services, effective waste management, reducing food waste and co-creating local services.

The second piloting round focused to develop and test new local wellbeing services and is run in collaboration with the City of Helsinki Department of Social Services and Health Care.  The pilots were carried out in Kalasatama during autumn 2016.

The third round of pilots  are five climate positive experiments which focus on smart city parking and electric car charging, resident-generated solar power, urban green solutions, and the carbon footprint of households.

The programme has also been replicated on Climate street which aims to create the city of the future that is low carbon and adapted to climate change.

Learn more about the past pilots here.

What kind of pilots?

The programme of Agile piloting looks for short, flexible pilots, that can be executed during 1-6 months. The pilots need to provide a service experience to the citizens.

The Smart Kalasatama Programme for Agile Piloting welcomes offers from SME’s, start-ups, bigger companies, associations, academia… any registered actor can be involved. The pilots may also have funding from other sources.

The criteria for evaluation is as follows:

Further information

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Background information 

Running in 2015–2017, the Smart Kalasatama project is part of the Six City Strategy (6Aika). It is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Smart Kalasatama project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki, the innovation unit of the city of Helsinki.