Open Living Lab Days 2017 – Join us in Krakow on 31st of August

Date: Thursday 31.8
Time: 13.45
Venue: Open Living Lab Days, Krakow Technology Park

Workshop: Co-creating services for smart cities – models, processes and ecosystems

Workshop is organised by Smart Kalasatama Team and Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Smart services are often created by several players and they require a wider ecosystem. The service ecosystem can be further developed during piloting phase together with the different stakeholders linked or engaged in the co-creation of the services. We have learnt that the co-creation events organised in the context of the pilots serve to engage and build a wider ecosystem.  During this workshop, we first explain a strategic model for boosting collaboration between the city and the businesses in the context of healthcare and wellbeing and education. Then we zoom in to the processes and methods for developing the innovation ecosystem.

The cities in Finland are seeking to act as innovation platforms and enablers of new smart services. The Six Cities Programme, bringing together the biggest cities in Finland (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Oulu) has spearhead projects developing the cities as innovation platforms, Smart Kalasatama being one of them. The collaboration between the cities also helps sharing best practices and innovative models and carrying them out together.

The Programme for agile piloting was developed by Smart Kalasatama Living Lab, a project run by FVH. Agile piloting engages the whole urban community in the creation of smart city services. Each round of agile pilots is built around a theme or a set of challenges looking for new, innovative solutions. The Smart Kalasatama Living Lab team facilitates and supports the pilots to find the right users and the places and networks, to run the agile pilot. The agile piloting has also served as a process to enable the city departments to experiment new services with different stakeholders. The new wellbeing and health care centre of the City of Helsinki is being built to the area, opening in 2018, and the development of the service offering for the new centre is under process.

Co-creating services for smart cities – models, processes and ecosystems

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