Innovation Challenge: Moving people and parcels

Smart Kalasatama hosts an innovation challenge to accelerate service networks of mobility


Forum Virium Helsinki, Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation and Avanto Ventures have joined forces to kick off an Innovation Challenge for Moving People and Parcels. In order to support and accelerate the development of an innovative residential area, the partners invite the citizens and businesses to innovate and pilot new revolutionary solutions. The challenge is a part of the mission to make Helsinki Metropolitan the best testbed in the world for smart and clean solutions.

Kalasatama district in Helsinki is known as the new smart residential area. Kalasatama is defined by its central location and connections that reach out east and westbound by the metro, north and south by developing tram connections. The area offers great opportunities for EV:s, cycling, and last mile services, and it is a forerunner in reaching the city of Helsinki climate targets. The shopping and service center Redi will open its doors in September 2018.

By 2035 Kalasatama will be home for about 25,000 people, and 10,000 jobs. Currently, approximately 3,000 people live in Kalasatama. The district aims to become a high quality neighbourhood with services supporting smart and sustainable lifestyle.

Kalasatama is a compact and developing district with an excellent track record for piloting new solutions. The residents and companies in the area have participated in piloting new solutions and services and they will also be involved in the development.

Looking for innovative last mile solutions

The Innovation Challenge for Moving People and Parcels will be launched during Fall 2018. The selected teams will be invited to join in a workshop and the winners will be offered the possibility to run a pilot in the district.

The challenge will focus on the service networks of mobility, especially last mile solutions for   transporting people and parcels. Traditionally, people and parcel deliveries have been separate ecosystems due to regulatory issues and traditions. Recent developments in mobility will provide grounds to merge these ecosystems. Consumer demand for new mobility solutions based on sharing economy is also rising.

The aim of the challenge is to innovate solutions that

  • are good for the people and the planet
  • reduce emissions or develop circular economy solutions
  • are innovative in global scale
  • have business potential – even without public sector subventions

Innovation Challenge is a lean and resource-efficient way to facilitate innovation and co-creation. The aim is to  connect the best startups and corporate venture teams with locals and employees in the area to develop and pilot the innovative services in real life environment.  This creates a platform to connect companies, public sector and residents to develop future solutions.

For more information:

Smart Kalasatama
Kaisa Spilling, Forum Virium Helsinki
[email protected]
+358 407448831

Innovation Challenge
Elina Kajosaari, Avanto Ventures
[email protected]
+358 503572094

Smart & Clean
Eetu Helminen
[email protected]

Image source: Riku Pihlanto / City of Helsinki

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