The journey by electric car #3 – lessons learnt from Estonia

Picture: CC BY 2.0 Håkan Dahlström
Writer: Natalia Reen

When I tried to use PlugShare once again I suddenly realized how different Finnish infrastructure looks from, for example, Estonian. See picture on the right.

Why Estonia is so advanced?

”Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) has concluded an agreement with the Estonian Government to purchase 10 million tons of emissions rights. Under the terms of this contract, MC will also be providing 507 electric vehicles, manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors, as well as support with regard to quick charging technology, a field in which Japan is a leading player.

These activities will support the Estonian Government’s goal of realizing an electric vehicle society.”

”A fast-charging network makes Estonia the first country in the world where you can easily drive your EV around in towns or in the countryside without worrying about the driving range or pollution.”

Natalia Reen works as part of the EU-funded bIoTope project, running various Internet of Things trials and pilots in Kalasatama.

”Over a short time, Estonia has become the second country after Norway in the world in terms of the share of EVs. While there is one electric car registered per each 1,000 cars in Estonia, the respective figure for Norway is four. Estonia is followed by the Netherlands with 0.6 electric cars registered per 1,000 cars.”

And since 2011 the Estonian government has granted several government incentives, for example, for buying EV or charging pole:
– In Estonia the grant amount for purchase of an electric car and down-payment of leasing is up to 50% of the purchase price of the electric car, but not more than 18,000 euros for a person, who is not a VAT payer;
– the grant amount for purchase of an electric car for a VAT payer is 35% of eligible costs, but not more than 18,000 euros per car;
– the maximum grant amount for purchasing of a charger of an electric car, including the installation work connected is 1000 euros.

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